EMP National Forum

3:00 PM–5:00 PM Jan 28, 2019

Hill Country AB


During this interactive EMP National Forum, we’ll discuss employee engagement and best practices for organizational assessment, development and excellence throughout a presentation delivered by Noel Landuyt, an Associate Director and Lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin.

Becoming the Leading Employer of Choice

Most industries are rethinking how they design their workplaces given trends set in place by leading employers of choice. How does this translate to your industry and how do you become a leading provider and employer of choice? Is flexible scheduling viable? What about collaborative workspaces, interactive communication and team design or other trendy ideas? Should you even consider these as viable alternatives? In many organizations, there is a resounding “yes” to all of the above. But what about the employees? What are they thinking and how do you get them fully engaged in the work environment? Do employees of different generations think differently about the work environment, careers opportunities, and what is needed to pull the workforce together to move your organization into the future?

The Executive Management Professionals (EMP) Forum Program is designed to provide security professionals with a support group of their peers. Each Forum meeting is focused on addressing strategic and operational issues, along with the personal and professional development needs of its members. 

The Forums are designed to be a place of open communication, where all are able to contribute and benefit from the collective knowledge of their peers. You can expect to learn new ways to lead your organization, different methods for operating your business — and discover that others share the same issues, problems, and concerns as you.

Interested in joining the Executive Management Professionals peer group? ESA Members can apply at ESAweb.org/EMP

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